CWOnline / eAccount
eAccount is a powerful and innovative new service from Cable & Wireless which enables you to view and download your telephone bills using the internet. To access eAccount click here.
  • Analyze your bills, keep track of your bill payments, and build up a database of valuable information to help in making informed decisions for managing your business.
  • Examine your current telephone bill
  • View past telephone bills
  • Get up-to-date details of unbilled calls on your accounts(s)
  • View adjustments for payment plans, refunds and other discounts
  • Search for numbers in the telephone directory white pages
  • Advertise your products or services to other e.account users
  • Change your password on-line at any time
  • Future developments include the facility to pay your bills on-line using a credit card and being able to track service orders
For more information contact Cable & Wireless at 494-4444.

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