Card Services
PrePaid Calling Cards, No Bills! Your cards allows you to pay for all your calls upfront, thereby giving you control over your overseas calls and helping you to avoid the inconvenience of waiting for your bill.

Keep Talking! Because you do not have to worry about a bill, you can talk as long as the value on your Pre-paid Calling Card allows you to. You will be alerted when the value of the card is almost depleted.

Anytime/Anywhere! You can use your Pre-paid Calling Card from any touch-tone telephone at any time. You do not have to wait to get to a payphone to make a call. Call from home, a friend's or a neighbour's or even at work… nobody's telephone bill will be affected.

If you decide to use a payphone, DO NOT INSERT THE CARD into the payphone.

Credit Card Calling, Looking For An Easy Way To Call Home? Cable & Wireless offers Credit Card Calling to our visitors to the region. Simply dial one of the following numbers, and follow the voice instructions. Have your credit card number ready when prompted. The cost of the call will be charged to the credit card you used.

For Dialing instructions in:
  • English dial 1-800-744-2000
  • French dial 1-800-744-2001
  • German dial 1-800-744-2002
  • Spanish dial 1-800-744-2003
  • Italian dial 1-800-744-2004
Smart Cards
Smart Cards are a relatively new technology that already affects the everyday life of millions of people in various parts of the world. They will ultimately affect the way we shop, see the doctor and enjoy leisure in the near future.

Smart Cards are available in denominations of $10, $20, and $40 from Cable & Wireless' offices as well as from vendors around the islands.

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