Senior Citizens Plan
Introduction of new Senior Citizens Plan For the first time, Cable & Wireless is offering a Senior Citizens Plan:
  • All local calls will be billed at 10 cents per minute and not 15 cents
  • Not eligible to have Calling Features, Home Plans, or to use DSL, IP or Data lines
  • If local and international calls (combined) exceeds $25 in any month, full line rental will be charged
  • To qualify, senior citizens will need to apply to any Cable & Wireless Sales & Service Centre and provide proof of age and citizenship; e.g., birth certificate, passport, etc.
  • Must be age 65 and older on December 1, 2005

Fixed Line



Monthly Rate


  • Proof of Age

  • VMust be 65 years on 1st December 2005

  • Present birth certificate, passport, etc.

  • Not eligible for Home Plans, Calling Features, DSL, IP or Data lines

Local Calls

.10 per minute

If exceeds $25 in international and local calls in any month, full line rental charge of $20 will be billed.

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