Cable & Wireless BVI Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network
(IP VPN) is the latest addition to its existing suite of data networking solutions. This service gives businesses the ability to access data quickly, securely and economically between locations that are often geographically dispersed - via a Virtual Private Network based on IP technology. IP-VPN therefore allows customers to create their own private networks over the Internet to facilitate branch- to-branch connectivity and remote user access.

IP-VPN Internet offers:
Connection of businesses locally and globally: IPVPN offers the flexibility of secure connections to central resources from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Connection with external businesses: Companies can easily create extranets that will allow their business partners, customers and suppliers to access relevant information.

Cost effective communication: The monthly cost of the IPVPN service is significantly less expensive than traditional data connections.

Remote access for teleworkers: Roaming users and teleworkers can have secure access to their company\'s private network using standard Internet access methods such as Dial-up Internet Access and ADSL.

Security: The VPN Appliance offers the customer a stateful firewall, allowing the protection of their private networks from any unwanted entrants into the VPN tunnels.

Additionally all data transmitted through the VPN will be encrypted when sent and unencrypted when received. Cable & Wireless uses 3DES technology - the highest level of encryption for transfer of data.

Multiple use of the Internet: VPN sits along side regular Internet access as used for other purposes such as net surfing and Web Hosting, all on one Dedicated Internet Access Circuit.

To order Cable & Wireless IP-VPN, or for more information, please contact your Account Manager or any Cable & Wireless office.

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