Toll Free
Giving Your Customers the Advantage of Toll-free Access...
  • Positions your company for growth
  • View past telephone bills
  • Facilitates long-term customer satisfaction
  • Removes all geographical barriers
  • Helps employees keep in touch
Caribbean Toll Free
Covers calls originating and terminating in Cable & Wireless Caribbean countries, Puerto Rico and USVI.

International Toll Free
This service is available from the USA and most countries around the World utilising a different toll free number for each originating country… free calls mean customers are more likely to call from long distance.

Global Toll Free (UIFN)
A genuine universal customer interface with only 'one number' for your customers to remember.

Toll Free Features:
You can select the areas or markets in which your toll free number is available.

Your toll free numbers can be switched to ring on any line you designate, even your home number. (Non toll free calls, outbound calls and calling features, such as Caller ID, are unaffected).

Special routing plans can be arranged to help you manage toll free traffic.

Toll free numbers can be listed in telephone directories and other business information databases.

Toll free services compliment web-based services bringing increased consistency and professionalism.

Toll free service includes billing options; tools to analyse usage and track productivity; and reports to identify calling patterns, summarise usage and pinpoint areas of difficulty.

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